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Under Our Feet: Partnerships for Healthy Soils


Honey Lake Valley RCD partnered with local land and ranch manager, Hannah Tangeman, Point Blue Conservation Science, and NRCS to highlight Healthy Soils work being done in Lassen County, CA. 


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"We advance nature’s health through extensive collaborations on land and at sea with government agencies, private landowners, and other wildlife and habitat managers. Point Blue is an active, trusted science leader in major regional, national, and international conservation partnerships. We are also leaders in community-based restoration and education, helping ecosystems and people adapt to the changes ahead. We bring scientific expertise, follow-through, facilitation, positive attitude, active listening skills, and more to the table. We understand that our success is tightly linked to the success of our partners—whether they are public agencies, private citizens, corporations, other NGOs, or academic institutions. Fostering collaborations, building trust-based relationships, and investing in key partnerships are the mindset we bring to our work."

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"NRCS works with farmers, ranchers and forest landowners across the country to help them boost agricultural productivity and protect our natural resources through conservation."