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Functioning as the standing committee for the Watermaster Board (the HLVRCD Board of Directors), a Watermaster Advisory Committee (WAC) was established. The WAC consists of seven members that serve four-year terms. Six of the WAC members are appointed by the majority vote of the Watermaster Board and one, which is chosen by the Lassen County Farm Bureau. In addition to assisting the Watermaster Board with annual financial reports and budgets, the WAC also provides feedback specific to the concerns of water users from their respectable region and participates in evaluating the performance of the Watermaster.

WAC Board Members

Ramsey Wood: Chairman, Lassen Irrigation Company

Todd Swickard: Vice Chairman, Lower Susan River

Darren Hagata: Willow Creek

Jesse Midgley: Farm Bureau

VACANT: Upper Susan River

Wayne Langston: RCD   

Trevor Wood: Baxter Creek

WAC Meetings held on the 2nd Thursday of every odd month @ 5:30 pm at the RCD Office