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RCD Accrediation Program

The Department of Conservation (DOC) announced an opportunity for qualified Resource Conservation Districts (RCD) to apply for capacity building funding in 2016. The current state budget provided $2.2 million in funding to qualified RCDs. Consistent with the CA Association of Resource Conservation District (CARCD) Vision and Standards document, the purpose of this funding is to help RCDs build capacity and increase effectiveness to have a greater ability to serve their community and address local resource concerns. Increasing the effectiveness of RCDs will result in additional resource conservation and management both locally and throughout the state.

In February of 2017, the Department of Conservation awarded the Honey Lake Valley RCD $46,208.80. These funds will be utilized to achieve 3 objectives that were identified in the District's grant application:

  1. Improve Current District Web Presence and Business OperationsProcure website developer and utilize staff to improve, update and maintain District's websiteCreate an electronic database to track the history of the District's past, current, and future projects, programs, outcomes and participants. Create GIS database of the Susan River Watermaster Service Area. Include on District's websiteCompose and distribute District Semi-annual newsletterUpdate, re-organize, and establish a system to maintain District's Policy Manual
  2. Build Leadership and Organizational Skills of District Board and Staff MembersAttend local and regional workshops, conferences and meetingsIdentify individual development plans for Staff and Board Members and pursue training from CSDA, SDRMA, CARCD and simliar public service providers
  3. Implement District's Long Range Work PlanBuild new partnerships and collaborative projects and programs (Great Basin Institute 'GBI', Special Weed Action Team 'SWAT', etc.)Community engagement and project field toursProvide technical and educational support to landowners, agencies, and others by drafting and circulating a statement of qualifications for service supported by a fee for service programInternship and volunteer program development (Lassen Community College, High Schools, AmeriCorps)

SB 272 Compliance: