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Susan River Watermaster Service

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In 2007, the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) stated they would need to raise the rates of many water rights holders in California including the Susan River Watermaster Service Area (SRWSA). The rate increase was a result of DWR’s budget reorganization which ceased state subsidies for Watermaster service resulting in a four-fold increase in Watermaster fees.

Due to rising costs many areas in the state assumed local Watermaster programs. Some were assumed through special legislation. On July 31, 2007, at the request of water users within the SRWSA to increase local control and lower operational expenses for the service, the Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District (RCD) was appointed as Watermaster for the SRWSA by Lassen County Superior Court modifying decree case nos. 4573, 8174, and 8175. As a result, this has saved local water rights holders and agricultural producers in the community hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The SRWSA program functions in accordance with the Rules and Regulations.The SRWSA is in the southern part of Lassen County in the vicinity of the town of Susanville. There are approximately 222 water right owners in the service area. The source of supply is comprised of three water systems: Susan River, Baxter Creek, Parker Creek and their associated tributaries. The primary area of water use in the Susan River service area is in Honey Lake Valley between Susanville and the northwest shore of Honey Lake, 25 miles in length.

The Honey Lake Valley RCD is vested with all authorities granted by Part 4 of Division 2 of the Water Code, section 4000 et seq., with the exception of sections 4025-4026, 4050, subdivision (a)4051, 4279 and 4351-4358. Click here to review the CA Water Codes.


Deputy Watermaster  (For new or in depth inquiries please email)

(530)-260-1690. (Text or call. It is necessary that you leave a voicemail if call is not received)


Annual Use Reports

2020 - 21 Use Report2019- 20 Usage Report_Final_Submitted to Court.pdf2018-2019 SRWSA Annual Use Report.pdf2017-2018 SRWSA Annual Use Report


Budgets (Fiscal Years are July 1 to June 30 of the following year)

FY2020-2021 WM Budget.pdf


Apportionment Material

SRWSA Billing Report 2023-2024.pdf


2022-23 SRWSA Apportionment_06102022.pdf


HLVRCD_2020-21 Apportionment_FINAL.pdf




062020_SRWA Rules and Regs_Amended.pdfWater Rights Dispute Form