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North Susanville Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Fuel Treatments Project

NOTICE is given that a Mitigated Negative Declaration has been prepared setting forth the findings that the following proposed action, North Susanville Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) Fuel Treatments Project, will have a less than significant adverse effect on the environment. The project area includes the north side of the City of Susanville, and wildlands north of Susanville in portions of the Eagle Drainage, Snow Storm Mountain, and Susan River Hydrologic Areas within the Susanville Hydrologic Unit (MDBM, Township 29N, Range 11E, Sections 2-4; T30N, R11E, Sections 1-18, 20-29, 32-36; T30N, R12E, Sections 1-22, 28-33; T31N, R10E, Sections 13-14, 23-25, 36; T31N, R11E, Sections 1-5, 7-36; T31N, R12E, Sections 16-36). The project area includes suburbs of Susanville, scattered residential communities, non-industrial and industrial timberlands, Tribal lands held in Trust for the Susanville Indian Rancheria, and public lands managed by the Lassen National Forest, Bureau of Land Management – Eagle Lake Field Office, the County of Lassen, and the City of Susanville. The project area ranges from 4,250 to 7,250 feet in elevation.

This document is proposed to be adopted and has been filed with the Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District (RCD) and on . It is now available for inspection and review. The review period for this Mitigated Negative Declaration is from December 8, 2023 through January 7, 2024. Written comments concerning this document will be accepted through the last day of the review period.

For further information on this, contact:
Kelsey Siemer, Distinct Manager
Honey Lake Valley Resource Conservation District
170 Russell Ave., Suite C
Susanville, CA 96130
(530) 257-7271

North Susanville WUI CEQA Initial Study Public Dec2023.pdfNorth Susanville WUI CEQA NOI Dec 2023tck.pdf